Machine Translation, unlocking new business potential

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Machine translation is a fast, low cost way to increase business efficiency while keeping all of your stakeholders informed.

Recently the government has posted new guidelines relating to safety in the workplace as an easy to translate text document. It proves that using machine translation businesses can communicate with their staff and stakeholders in whatever language necessary.

Having an efficient and fast way to translate documents and verbiage companywide frees up monetary and time investments elsewhere while providing long term solutions to issues of the past.

Why is translation important?

Whether it’s through the localisation of social media campaigns and websites, or the translation of legal documents, being able to communicate effectively with customers from around the world, or just keeping your culturally diverse staff informed and all on the same page, is imperative for high levels of business performance and functionality.

How can it affect you?

How many times have you wanted to launch a campaign somewhere new, but were delayed or unsuccessful because you didn’t have the correct translation?

Or maybe you were struggling to communicate with your local customers because of a language barrier?

You may have even struggled to achieve a diverse culture in your own business because of the aforementioned communication barrier.

Functional communications should not hold you back. In-fact they shouldn’t be an issue at all, and with machine translation they’re not.

Machine translation can be of use in every part of a business. In HR it can be used for internal employee communications and fast assessment of new recruits, in legal it can be used to understand foreign language documents, or translating transactional documents in finance, even helping with localisation and creating effective campaigns and communications within marketing.

Having a way to translate documents ahead of schedule and under budget can easily lead to increased business efficiency, while maintaining all necessary and important communication to keep all staff and other stakeholders informed, up-to-date, and safe, especially in times like these!

How simple can it be?

Take the government’s guidelines for an example. A simple document, but effective in communicating what is important to keep everyone safe. We have translated that document into seven different languages below ready for you to download from this blog. A simple document can be easily made accessible to everyone through machine translation, removing barriers and increasing productivity and workflow efficiency for anyone involved.

MT Translation examples

More info

A simple word document is all you need to get started. Machine translation technologies can translate single pages through to entire technical handbooks and much more in-between. Take a look at our list of translatable materials and appropriate formats.

If you have anything more technical in mind, just give us a call on 01635 866 888 or email us and we can help create a solution for you!