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Translated Transcriptions

Prestige Network provide a seamless end-to-end service, translating your audio or video transcription into, or from over 100  languages.

translated transcription

We provide three levels of translation to suit your needs:

Machine translation

Basic Machine Translation – A fast, very low-cost translation allows you to quickly assimilate or convey information.

Use Machine Translation to identify important information that you can then translate professionally. 

Machine Translation With Editing - Editing will improve the quality and accuracy of the translation. 


Professional translation 

By using subject specialists, the resulting translation of your transcript will be a reliable reflection of the original audio or video content.

A professional translation is recommended for:

  • Legal and HR related subjects
  • Transcripts of important business meetings and conferences
  • Presentations 
  • Interviews 


Professional translation (Certified)

A Certified translation is undertaken by a suitably qualified translator and is subject to a rigorous quality assurance process.

Prestige Network is qualified to provide Certified translations, with documented proof of accuracy.

A Certified translation is often a formal requirement for:

  • Important legal and HR transcripts that need to be relied upon in Court
  • Medical reports
  • Insurance claims
  • Verbal statements



‘How much do you charge for translation?’

We charge according to the number of words in your transcript. The cost per word can vary depending on the language combination and subject specialism.

‘Could I rely on Machine Translation for a Court case?’  

If you need to rely on lengthy or multiple transcripts, you can use Machine Translation to identify those parts that are important and then have these professionally translated. This will help you manage your costs.

‘How fast can you deliver the translation of my transcript?’

A Machine Translation will be very fast, often returned with a few hours. A professional translation takes longer, and you should allow for extra time particularly when translating complex or specialised subjects or less common languages.

Your Account Manager will advise delivery times as part of your transcription quotation.

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