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Which Is The Best Transcription Service For Your Needs

To help you choose the type of transcription service you require, this page will help you make decide on the best service for your needs.

 The main types of transcription are:

  1. Full verbatim
  2. Smart verbatim
  3. Time coded
  4. Intelligent
  5. Translated
  6. Secure

How you intend to use the transcription will determine which service to choose.

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Full Verbatim Transcription

A full verbatim transcription will include everything, exactly as recorded. It is likely to contain content that is superfluous to your needs, these are often described as ‘fillers’ and can include:
  • Descriptions of background noises
  • Descriptions of laughing, sobbing, speaking softly, sneezing or coughing
  • Stuttering, repetitions and false starts
  • Interjections
  • Background conversations
  • Long pauses

Why would you use full verbatim transcription?

The great advantage of full verbatim transcription is that it provides a clear context. While other types of transcription can be easier to read off the page, full verbatim is the most appropriate for a completely accurate report of what has been said and the way it has been said.

For example, this can make it easier to see if someone is being truthful. It’s also perfect for any assignement where it’s important to understand the circumstances that may be influencing the person who is speaking.

This makes full verbatim the ideal choice for:

  • Court proceedings and police investigations
  • Interviews for legal purposes and job applications
  • Market research and university research programmes
  • Psychology
  • Some data analysis
  • Film and TV
  • Commercials

Smart Verbatim Transcription

What is Smart Verbatim Transcription?

With smart verbatim the transcription is edited to remove content that can make understanding difficult. In some instances, the editor may paraphrase the speaker but will ensure that the information conveyed is accurate. The transcriber will edit in accordance with your brief, ensuring that no important information is lost.

Your account manager will discuss your requirements in detail and ensure that the transcriber has a full understanding of your requirement.

Smart verbatim transcription is the best solution for:

  • When the transcript is intended for publication
  • For transcription of important business, conference or interview dialogue where accuracy and clarity are important

Timecoded Transcription

Timecodes can be added at intervals throughout the transcript or, in a one-to-one interview situation, at the start of each answer.

This makes it easier to tally a point in a transcript with a point in the recording. 

Why would you use TIMECODED transcription?

If you were creating a film, timecodes would save significant time during the editing process. They will also enable you to add captions, or subtitles, post-production. 

Intelligent  & Translated Transcription

When Do I need Intelligent transcription?

Intelligent transcription is the best solution for specialist subjects, where clarity and accuracy are vital factors.

It is often employed by the aerospace, medical, chemical and financial sectors.

Intelligent transcribers will be subject experts, with access to professional resources ensuring that the transcription will be understood by the intended reader, who is also likely to be subject specialists themselves.

Need a Translated transcription?

A translation of a transcript is a regular request.

You’ll find more information about transcribing in other languages here.

Unsure About the Transcription Service That You Need?

Prestige Network’s account management team will help you choose the best solution.

They are friendly, informative and responsive. Call us now on 01635 246 699 or email

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