Quick FAQ

Which file types can Prestige Network accept?

All types of audio and video file types; MP4, WMA, MP3 DSS, AVI, VOB, WAV and DVD.

How fast can my transcription request be processed?

We will endeavour to meet your turnaround requirements, providing a premium, expedited service if required.  When you place your request, include your preferred delivery deadline.

What  options do I have for sending my files to you?

We provide an easy-to-use, password protected file transfer system for less sensitive digital assets, or where total security is important we can provide an encrypted service that meets the Pan Government Accreditation for Official Sensitive Data.

Simply request access by emailing:

You can also send your files to our DX address.

What if my audio or video recording is of poor quality?

We appreciate that a recording may not always be of the best quality. In some instances we can clean audio tracks removing background noise and similar distractions.

Sometimes we must rely on the transcribers to use their expertise to identify the dialogue to be transcribed.

The quality of the audio, if poor, may reflect in some additional cost, but we will always evaluate and advise you of any additional time and cost for remedial work.

What types of transcription service can you provide?


This type of transcript (usually required for official purposes) includes every word and sound uttered. Whilst accurate, the ‘ums, ahs and ers’ can be distracting.

If so we can ‘clean up’ the transcript, creating an:

Intelligent Verbatim

Here, the presentation omits fillers (ums, ahs, ers etc) to capture what is said rather than how it was said. If the transcript is being created from a video we can note movements and gestures made by the speakers.


Summaries are shorter, concisely capturing relevant information. Ideal for many business situations where just the key information needs to be captured as a transcript.

They can provide evidence in a summarised form, while still being acceptable to formal bodies, such as the Courts.