Secure Audio & Video Transcription Services

Fast, easy-to-use, secure and superbly reliable. This sums up the secure, onsite audio transcription service provided by Prestige Network, whether fulfilling a single request or a contracted high-volume service.

Audio or video, English or any of 100 global languages, from first upload to final delivery you’ll receive fast response and the highest levels of service from our experienced team.

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The Prestige Network Difference:

1) Government approved supplier
2) In-house staff working onsite
3) Complete data security
4) Access-controlled environment
5) 100+ Languages supported

Secure Transcription Services

Commercial or Public Sector, the need to provide a secure transcription environment that prevents data leakage can be critical to a wide range of sectors.

We are unique in that our audio transcription department operates within an onsite locked-room environment, with encrypted data transfer meeting the most stringent security criteria.

From legal transcription to HR meeting transcriptions, we fulfil the complete range of services for  organisations with strict security requirements.

What's the Advantage for You?

Fast access to extensive resources and expertise gained as the preferred transcription agency and partner to many of the UK’s most demanding organisations, guarantees the best-possible response to your needs.

And if you have a specific need, be it high volumes, fast deliveries, unusual language transcription or subjects or demanding security requirements, Prestige Network’s agile approach will create the best solution.

Customer benefits

Why Choose Secure Transcription?

  • A single source for English and global language multilingual transcription services
  • All media formats supported
  • Translation of your transcript into any global language
  • Pan-Government Accreditation for Official Sensitive Data
  • Easy drag and drop file transfer
  • Encrypted file transfers
  • Full or Intelligent Verbatim service available
  • Time-coded transcriptions

Transcription News

Dedicated Transcription Division Launched

To accommodate growing demand and improve the efficiency of its transcription service, Prestige Network has launched a dedicated division for secure transcription for 2019.

Quick FAQ

‘What file types can I send you?’

We provide voice-to-text transcription services from source files in any digital audio format including MP4, WMA, MP3 DSS, AVI, VOB, WAV and DVD.

‘In what form will you deliver my transcription?’

The completed transcript is delivered as an MS Word document as this is the most requested format. If you have any specific requirements let us know and we will accommodate them.

‘How can you guarantee my transcription will be secure?’

We have a locked, onsite transcription room at our headquarters where our professional transcribers carry out their work. Total restrictions on electronic devices or unauthorised personnel ensures that the room and your data remain entirely secure at all times.