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Audio & Video Transcription Services

Prestige Network’s transcription services meet every criteria; fast, easy-to-use and superbly reliable.

And when you need to transcribe highly sensitive subjects, we can provide a secure, locked-room environment.

Audio or video, English or any of 100 global languages, from first upload to final delivery you’ll receive fast response and the highest levels of service from our experienced team.

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Customer benefits

Transcription For Every Need

  • A single source for English and global language multilingual transcription services
  • All media formats supported
  • Translation of your transcript into any global language
  • Pan-Government Accreditation for Official Sensitive Data
  • Easy drag and drop file transfer
  • Encrypted file transfers
  • Full or Smart Verbatim service available
  • Time-coded transcriptions

And if you have a specific need, be it high volumes, fast deliveries, unusual language transcription or subjects or demanding security requirements, Prestige Network’s agile approach will create the best solution. Read more >>


Quick FAQ

‘What file types can I send you?’

We provide voice-to-text transcription services from source files in any digital audio format including MP4, WMA, MP3 DSS, AVI, VOB, WAV and DVD.

‘In what form will you deliver my transcription?’

The completed transcript is delivered as an MS Word document as this is the most requested format. If you have any specific requirements let us know and we will accommodate them.

'How is transcription charged?'

Please email us, as it depends on your requirements.

'Can I have my transcript translated?'

Yes, we can translate into any of 100 languages. Find out more.

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