Marketing Translation Services

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Translations for marketing, advertising and PR are crucial for any international business to grow and flourish. It is not uncommon to find messages getting lost in translation from one language into another. It is important to pay attention to not only what you say, but also how you say it.

Case Study – Expanding Horizons in Retail

Advertising Translation Services
Promoting your services overseas, we understand that written material, especially in marketing and advertising, can operate on many different levels; it can be designed to attract a variety of target markets and carefully crafted to highlight and sell specific elements of a company’s brand, product or service. We at Prestige Network understand this and, our translators go out of their way to ensure that translated copy addresses all the needs of your intended target markets.

Localising Your Marketing Strategy
Prestige Network’s marketing translation team are experienced not only in the language itself, but also in the countries culture. We provide consultancy services for localised marketing strategies. For example, when attempting to break into a new market, we can provide clear indicators as to which messages will work without being considered inappropriate or offensive. We will provide suggestions as to how a particular campaign could be strengthened to appeal to a specific cultural audience.

Experts in Marketing Translation and Localisation
Social and cultural nuances can never be underestimated. We offer a cultural consultancy service where we outline key points of difference, social do’s and dont’s, cultural, political and religious influences pertinent to a particular race, nation or ethnic group.

Language and cultural difference no longer need be a barrier in today’s shrinking world.