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Education Sector Translation & Interpreting

The educational sector has a wide spectrum of translation need: e-Learning courseware, academic papers, textbooks, prospectus, campus brochures, staff and student handbooks, management training materials and more.

Prestige Network help world-leading academic institutions, courseware developers, publishers and training providers by delivering reliable solutions for every need, in every language.

We also provide interpreting for conferences and international educational events.


Why Choose Prestige Network for Education Translations?

Prestige Network is a longstanding trusted partner in the education sector, helping institutions including Oxford University, Shorelight Education, Imperial College London and the Saïd Business School to communicate effectively in more than 270 languages and dialects.

Our talented pool of translators include subject specialists in a range of disciplines, allowing you to get the a highly accurate translation, every time. Whatever the topic, we have the right translator to provide a first-rate translation.

We Translate:

  • E-Learning courseware
  • Academic papers
  • Textbooks
  • Video voice-over & subtitling
  • Prospectuses
  • Campus brochures
  • Staff handbooks
  • Management training materials

Prestige Network Education News


LATEST Update:

Prestige Network are pleased to announce that and SLA for language services has been signed with the Department of Dentistry at the University of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth University offer an NHS Dental service to local residents from the campus with qualifying dentists. They were experiencing significant demand for interpreting services for patients who required assistance with communication.

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Quick FAQ

'Do you provide interpreting and translations at all levels of education?'

From primary schools to higher education, we have a distinguished track record of providing lanuage services to institutions and indivuals for a variety of reasons.

Whether it's safeguarding documents or postdoctoral research, we provide the same top quality translation services every time.

'What are key requirements for interpreting at an international conference?'

For events and conferences with an international audience, you will need face-to-face interpreters or, in the case of a large event, simultaneous interpreters with all the equipment, booths and headsets.

We are able to provide all of the specialist equipment for interpreting at any conferences, seminars or other education-related event.

The Prestige Translation Process


Initial analysis

Our expert team assess your documents for style, content & technical language. The project is assigned an individual or team of translators.



One of our experienced translators gets to work on your document, maintaining accuracy and a stylistic fit with the source document.


Your dedicated Project Manager reviews the final draft. Once signed off, a Delivery Manager prepares the documents for delivery in the right format.

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