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Technology Solutions for Cost and Time Challenges

You’ll be all too familiar with this scenario:

  • You have hundreds, maybe thousands of documents in your court bundle. Some may be in English, but some may be in one or more other languages
  • The documents may consist of many different file types
  • How do you tell what’s important to your case?
  • You may have people in your team who can review the non-English documents, but they might not have time
  • You could use a conventional translation service, but this will be costly and it can take some while to complete the task
  • You need a secure vendor environment
  • You may end up translating documents that aren’t relevant.
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Scalable End-to-End Technology

Having recognised the challenges, Prestige Network has invested in the language technologies that enable us to meet the complex needs of law firms and Counsels.

Our scalable solutions deliver an end-to-end solution that:

  1. Work with multiple file types (PDF, scanned pages, M S Word files, xlsx, text files and xml)
  2. Process large volumes of documentation, quickly
  3. Comptable with document management systems
  4. Ensure fast identification (e-discovery) of relevant content in multiple languages
  5. Manage professional translation costs by eliminating non-relevant content
  6. Ensures the security of your data
  7. Provides ancillary support services

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We provide a free consultancy service to law firms and Counsels and once your needs have been identified we will provide a detailed solutions proposal.

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