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Legal Aid Translations

Legal Aid Translation and Interpreting Services are provided by Prestige Network to legal firms – large and small – right across the UK.

Legal Aid translation refers to translation of many different types of legal documents such as intellectual property, disputes of any kind as well as patents and legal contracts.

Our Legal Aid clients have access to the same extensive database of Legal Translators and Interpreters. For more information or to discuss your requirements please call our Legal Aid Team of Specialists on 01635 866 888.


Why Choose Prestige Network?

We're proud to have worked with over 580 major law firms in London, Manchester and across the United Kingdom over the last 25 years. Find out how our friendly, professional team can help you with your legal translation needs. We will find you the best solution that fits your timescales and budget.

We consider your needs and, based on our extensive experience, we provide expert input and advice where necessary.

We also provide a Legal Aid Interpreting Services as well as Legal Aid Translation Services and our Legal Aid court interpreters have specialist training and qualifications.


Our Guarantee Includes:

  • Secure PDF Delivery
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 48 hour Turnaround
  • Professional Certification
  • Speedy E-Delivery

We're Trusted By:


The Prestige Translation Process


Initial analysis

Our expert team assess your document's for style, content & technical language. The project is assigned an individual or team of translators.



One of our experienced translators gets to work on your document, maintaining accuracy and a stylistic fit with the source document.


Your dedicated Project Manager reviews the final draft. Once signed off, a Delivery Manager prepares the documents for delivery in the right format.

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