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Meet Jeanne, one of our French Translators. Jeanne is from Versailles and studied English at the Sorbonne, with a Masters in Translation at Durham University. She has over 10 years’ experience working with global institutions including the World Bank, the European Court of Human Rights and numerous businesses. Get in touch today to discuss your next French project!

French Around The World

French is the official language of 29 countries, with 270 million speakers worldwide. It is the language most commonly learnt in schools after English, and in 2011, Bloomberg ranked it the third most useful language for business, after English and Mandarin.

It has a long history as an international language of commerce, diplomacy, literature and scientific studies and is an official language of NATO, the European Union, the WTO, the International Olympic Committee and more.

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Translation: We recently handled a large project for a software company based just outside Rouen who’d released a major update to their flagship product and required 12,000 words of their user guide translated from French into English and seven other languages. Not only was the project delivered successfully, but the client commented that this was the least stressful translation project they’d undertaken since their first release!

Interpreting: We were able to provide two expert French interpreters for a two-day conference taking place in Paris last month at very short notice – the previous provider had unfortunately cancelled. After the event, the client credited both the professionalism and stamina of our interpreters. We also regularly provide French interpreters to the NHS, the Department for Work and Pensions and more.

French Translation & Interpreting

History of the French Language

French is one of the Romance languages, meaning it descended from Latin, and evolved from Gallo-Romance dialects spoken in northern France. Forbes Magazine released an article in 2014 that argued that French could well become the ‘language of the future’, given the demographic prospects of Francophone Africa.

There are several major dialects of French spoken worldwide, most notably Canadian French, descended from Old French after settlers colonised the eastern shores. There is also a significant Francophone community in the state of Louisiana, where French has gained co-official status with English. In other former French colonies, including Vietnam and Cambodia, distinct pidgin varieties of the language have evolved.

Within Europe, there are significant differences in French spoken in Belgium, Switzerland and also northern Italy. Regional dialects within France are still strong, with the two biggest distinctions being Oïl and Occitan, from which most varieties descend.

Our French linguists are well versed in managing the differences between variants – use the link below to discuss your language requirements with us.

French Translation & Interpreting

More About Translation

Meet Dawn, our Head of Translation

Dawn has a degree in French & German with an MA in Translation Studies. She and her team take care of over 1,700 complex projects each year for clients ranging from City banks, law firms, film studios, sports teams, universities and more.

What Goes Into High-Quality French Translation?

We have a crack team of experts who will assess your documents on style, content, technical specialisms, etc. Your document is then loaded into project management software and sent to native-speaker translators selected specifically for your project.

More About Interpreting

Meet Waheeda, our Head of Interpreting

Waheeda is our Interpreting Manager and heads up an amazing team fulfilling thousands of bookings a month. She is currently studying for an MSc in Social & Community Development and has a wealth of experience working in the Public & Third Sector.

The Interpreting Process

Get in touch with one of our sales advisors and talk us through your event. We’ll discuss different interpreting approaches and help you decide which is most appropriate to your event, and also provide any specialist equipment required.
Meet Olivier, one of our native French interpreters

Olivier moved to the UK from Marseilles almost 15 years ago. He has worked with Prestige for almost 10 years, and completes assignments for us in industries as varied as healthcare, law, banking and more. He holds a current DBS check and a basic security clearance for court interpreting.

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Find out how our friendly, professional team can help you with your language needs. We'll find you the best solution that fits your timescales and budget.

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