Apprentices – A Symbiotic Relationship

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Apprentice Award from WBTC

Prestige Network takes all staff training seriously, none more so than with our apprentices. Investing in apprentices is costly, but we are convinced that it is beneficial to the company, the apprentice and the economy as a whole, and it forms part of our ongoing career progression planning.

In the last few years, we have recruited and trained apprentices in Operations Management and Digital Marketing.

We recently received a certificate of commendation from WBTC in recognition of efforts.

Charlie is currently an Apprentice with us in Operations Management

What type of apprenticeship you are doing? Business Administration & Operations Management

How you split your time between work and college? I work full time at Prestige Network and attend college for 2 full days a month

What you have learnt during your apprenticeship? Most of all my confidence has improved so much at work, my communication skills, teamwork and time management

How much support you have received from Prestige Network and also anyone else from college? My line manager Melissa has been so supportive in every aspect, Darren our Operations Director has been key for my learning of all of our systems. All staff members have been very supportive of my learning.

Would you recommend working for Prestige Network as an apprentice and why? Yes, learning on the job has been great as I am a hands on learner. My career development in comparison to my peers my age is also benefiting.

Have you enjoyed it? The people are all great and I have thoroughly enjoyed the apprenticeship.

Have you finished your apprenticeship training and are you now permanently with Prestige Network? Not finished yet, I have my final assessment in September.

Recruiting for apprentices

Apprentices form an integral part of our staff, and we are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. We work in conjunction with the West Berkshire Training Consortium to recruit and deliver their training.

To see our latest opportunities to work in our Head Office in Newbury, Berks, please visit our careers page.

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