Website Localisation

website localisation

Opening Up New Markets

Considering that website visitors are four times more likely to purchase from a website in their own language, the need to translate your website content when expanding abroad has never been greater.

Growing Your International Presence – Website Translation and Localisation

As your business expands so does the need to communicate your product or service in other languages. Your website, therefore, needs to be both flexible and adaptable to your new customer base. Website translation plays a vital role in achieving this and localisation goes a step further by creating dedicated content which takes into account local culture, trends and tastes.

E-Commerce Website Translation

E-commerce is now one of the fastest-growing sales channels in Europe. But as more retailers expand internationally via the internet, research shows many e-shops fail to properly cater for local shopping needs. Independent research suggests that two-thirds of website visitors navigate away from a website if it is not presented in their local language.

Our website translation service can localise your entire site or individual pages and can help tailor your website to target specific cultural markets.

Online Gaming Translation Services

Prestige Network is one of the few companies offering specialist Online Gaming translation services. Find out more about expanding your Online Gaming operations here.

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