Transcription Translation Services

We provide Transcription Services to hospitals and private medical practitioners as well as a number of businesses and legal clients and are able to work in any digital audio format including MP4, WMA, MP3 DSS, AVI, VOB, WAV and DVD. As with translation, our multilingual Transcription service is available in over 200 languages.

Our dedicated project managers are on-hand at all stages of your project to ensure that files are prepared correctly, specific instructions and requirements are communicated and met, queries are routed to the relevant people and to carry out a series of in-house checks on a completed translation before returning it directly to you.

Quality Assured

With our services increasingly in demand, we are constantly striving to provide you with the best rates, the best service and the best turnaround times.

Our skilled transcription experts and project managers will ensure you only ever receive the best transcription service available today. So by choosing Prestige Network as your language specialist, you can be assured of a professional service.

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