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Machine translation (MT) offers a cost-effective solution for today’s business demands, enabling information to be exchanged securely and quickly with your business colleagues and customers.

With the potential for the very fast delivery of large volumes of content in a wide range of languages, MT is now a serious consideration when budget and speed are a key considerations.

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What’s the advantage for you?

  • Faster time to market  
  • Significant cost savings
  • Greater consistency across your global communications

If you are an e-commerce company needing a realistic solution for translating large volumes of content, or maybe a law firm needing to understand the contents of legal bundles, then our MT solutions will deliver exactly what you need.  But the applications of MT extends across all business sectors, so if you have a specific challenge, get in touch.

Machine Translation Workflow

1) Easy, secure ordering and file upload
2) File preparation
3) Machine Translation
4) Post editing by professional linguist (if required)
5) Quality check
6) Delivery via your preferred method
Customer benefits

  • Ideal for fast exchanges of information
  • Cost-effective solution for large volume needs
  • Integrates with your CMS creating seamless workflow automation
  • Cost and quality leveraging against your existing language assets
  • 27 languages currently available
  • Quality can be enhanced with human editing
  • Customised solutions for specific needs
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Quick FAQ

‘How accurate is Machine Translation?’

This is a commonly asked question. MT can be surprisingly good depending on the subject and the quality of your documents. Ask our account management team to evaluate your documents and they’ll give you an honest appraisal.

‘Can the quality of Machine Translation be improved?’

Yes, we can improve the quality of MT by editing the raw translation using professional linguists. It’s also possible to enhance quality by training the Machine Translation engines, using terminology that’s unique to your business and industry sector.

‘Can I use Machine Translation for any type of document?’

In principle, yes you can. We’ve successfully used MT to translate for social media, legal documents, financial reporting, technical documentation, tenders and contracts. Our MT clients include universities, government departments, manufacturers and recruitment specialists.

If you want to find out how Machine Translation could work for your business, get in touch with our Account Management team.

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