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When do you need language testing?

Recruitment of bilingual or multilingual staff can bring great advantages to an organization, but if you cannot assess their proficiency yourself, how can you be certain they can deliver what they say they can?

You need to find an experienced language testing partner who will listen to your requirements and will then confirm your applicant’s linguistic abilities against your list.

Language testing interview
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With over 28 years providing language services in over 200 languages UK wide and globally, Prestige Network has a vast amount of experience.

We have recently been chosen as a partner to one of the largest recruitment companies in the world for language assessment.

As a supplier under the CCS (Crown Commercial Service) and on the ESPO framework, you can be reassured by our pedigree. 

Your requirements, candidate details and technical language are all kept confidential.

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What level?

We will evaluate your staff in whatever manner you wish; making an objective assessment of your candidates’ competencies, level of proficiency and technical or specialist knowledge, including checking for key phrases and terminology.

You may want a deep, specialist spoken or written understanding of a language, a general conversational level, or just an ability to welcome a visitor in a number of different languages. We can assess language skills for listening, speaking, writing, reading or any combination and at all levels.


We usually conduct staff linguistic skills through:

  • formal or informal one-to-one interviews
  • group chats
  • on-site face to face assessment
  • remote language testing by telephone / video interview
  • written documents
  • and any other method your organization asks for
Language testing interview


Prestige Network has been helping a global recruitment agency to language-test its candidates for a UK-wide recruitment campaign of temporary staff in many languages.
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Get in touch via if you have a need to test the language skills of your existing or prospective staff. We can offer delivery on demand, online, at a chosen location or by phone or video call

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Quick FAQ

'Where you have language tested applicants?'

A global recruitment company working with the UK Government needed to provide a large number of temporary personnel across the UK, conversant at a relatively simple level in the key languages spoken in the area in which they would be working. We offered language-proficiency-testing in the languages and dialects which they requested. We assessed language skills through an individual telephone conversation or video call in English and the chosen language, or in group sessions at a chosen location.  Read more

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