Family Law Translation Services

The ever-changing migration patterns across the world means interpreting and translation services are often required by clients in the Family Law field. We at Prestige Network have been providing our services to lawyers practicing in the Family Law sector since our inception in 1991. Our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management Programme guarantees clients of quality in terms of linguist suitability, recruitment vetting processes, auditing and internal data handling procedures, whilst our CyberEssentials certification provides client reassurance with regard to network security, equipment configuration and more.

When it comes to Family law documentation, accurate translations are vital to ensure success with estate planning, wills and probate, prenuptial agreements, divorce cases and more. Prestige Network and its linguists are familiar with legal systems across the European Union and further afield and can provide the accuracy and attention to detail essential for success in the Family Law field. Our linguists hold advanced degrees in law and bring the requisite work experience necessary to properly translate your documents.

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We're proud to have worked with over 580 major law firms in London, Manchester and across the United Kingdom over the last 25 years. Find out how our friendly, professional team can help you with your legal translation needs. We will find you the best solution that fits your timescales and budget.

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We consider your needs, provide input where necessary based on our experience and help guarantee your Family Law documents conform to all requirements and worldwide best-practice standards. Our translations are confidential and adhere to strict deadlines. Moreover, our collaborative workforce analyses, translates, edits and proofreads your text to ensure total accuracy.

Translation for Family Law may include the translation of supporting documentation including marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, property deeds, mortgage records, bank statements, medical records, academic certificates, security clearances, job references and more.

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Family Law Interpreting Services

In addition to specialised document translation, expert legal interpreting services are invaluable when working with foreign clients seeking British residency or those whose first language is not English. We have interpreters all over the UK who we send to courts and similar legal scenarios wherever face-to-face meetings are necessary. Prestige Network has perfected its interpreting service over many years and, as a result, we stand out amongst our peers in:

  • Court-certified professional interpretation, including British Sign Language (BSL) and other non-spoken languages
  • Interpreting at interviews, negotiations, presentations and other real-time proceedings
  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at multilingual conferences and symposia.
  • We provide our own state-of-the-art audio equipment to guarantee the clarity and fluidity of the presentation.
Legal Translation & Interpreting
  • Our project management team are experienced in different subject areas and are all linguists with a genuine passion for language.
  • Quality is guaranteed with ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • All of our linguists have direct experience in the relevant sector to ensure accuracy is paramount.
  • We have robust data handling and security procedures in place and are externally audited each year. We have recently been awarded the CyberEssentials certification and are working towards ISO:27001
  • We’re one of a select handful of suppliers to have been accredited by the Crown Commercial Services, and we’re also on every other major public sector procurement framework.
  • In the past year alone, we’ve worked with almost 170 large public sector organisations, from Councils on the south coast right up to NHS Trusts in Glasgow.

Translation Process

We have a crack team of experts who will assess your documents on style, content, technical specialisms, etc. Your document is then loaded into project management software and sent to translators selected specifically for your project.

Interpreting Process

Get in touch with one of our sales advisors and talk us through your event. We’ll discuss different interpreting approaches and help you decide which is most appropriate to your event, and also provide any specialist equipment required.

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Find out how our friendly, professional team can help you with your language needs. We'll find you the best solution that fits your timescales and budget.

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