Commercial Law – translation and interpreting

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Prestige Network have 26 years’ experience in supporting quality and time-critical legal translations that meet the most demanding needs of in-house Counsels and independent law firms.

While everyday business activities create a need for accurate and speedy translation of property leases, tenders, contracts and intellectual property agreements, there will of course be those occasions where litigation can’t be avoided. It’s then critical that a clear understanding by all involved is achieved – regardless of language combinations.

When your organisation has a need for any of these services, then get in touch with our friendly, professional team.


Certified translation

Sworn, Notarised and Apostille translations supplied to meet the most demanding legal requirements.
All translations are produced to ISO 9001:2015 Standard.


Accurate conversion of audio recordings into a text version.


Simultaneous, consecutive,face-to-face, telephone and video interpreting services to support all legal needs.

Machine translation

Used to provide fast, gist only translations where time  is of the essence in gaining an initial understanding.
For larger tasks Machine Translation can be combined with post-editing delivering a fast summary translation.

We translate:

Commercial Law

Contracts, Licences, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies.

Corporate Law

Documents forming part of the due diligence process, Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreement, Certificates of Incorporation.

Property Law

Surveyor reports, Deeds, Land Registry documents.

IP / IT Law

Software licences and contracts.


Documents forming part of discovery, Court Forms, Evidence Bundles, Witness Statements.

Employment Law

Employee contracts, Employee Handbooks, Codes of Conduct.

Banking & Finance

Loan agreements, Debt instruments, Annual reports.


Marketing Authorisation Documents and Stock Management Policies.

We are trusted by:

  • 26 years’ experience translating legal and contractual documentation
  • Fast response for legal interpreting requirements, with countrywide support
  • Translation productivity technologies deliver cost and turnaround benefits
  • Fast response from a friendly, professional team who are always available to provide you with expert assistance
  • Experienced, UK based Project Management team focused on legal translation
  • Global translation resource enabling us to support all commercial and many minority language combinations
  • Secure translation environment ensures commercial confidentiality.