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Phone Interpreting

Face to face meetings with non-English speaking clients can be time-consuming and costly when factoring in the cost of an interpreter.

Using a telephone interpreter is quick and easy and, if your meeting is rescheduled, there’s no cancellation fee.

In most instances, unless it is a very rare language, you don’t need to book in advance or call until you actually need the service.


Flexible Telephone Interpreting  Services to Suit You

At Prestige Network, we understand that phone interpreting is often the result of last minute requirements, or perhaps you need to  speak with someone in another country or time zone.

We're all about facilitating your requirements, so we make sure to be as flexible and responsive as possible; whatever your needs, we always do our best to meet them.


Advantages of Phone Interpreting Services:

  • No travel expenses
  • No cancellation fee
  • Freephone number
  • Experienced interpreter
  • 24/7 availability on registration
  • Pre-book service or on demand
Quick FAQ

‘When is over-the-phone interpreting the best approach?’

Most commonly we recommend using a telephone interpreter in an emergency, when the requirement for an interpreter is unexpected/short-notice, or when there are geographical restrictions on the people participating in the call.

‘Do you provide 24/7 phone interpreting coverage?’

We always do our best to accommodate all needs - if you get in touch with us we will let you know if it's possible, but we always strive to work out the best solution for you.

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