Our Interpreters are Helping the NHS beat Covid 19

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Further to our Zoom video call with a selection of our interpreters near the beginning of lockdown, we held another call last week and were delighted to see some familiar faces.

We discussed topics including how our interpreters have been adapting to new working practices through the Covid crisis during lockdown and social distancing, and how things have been changing now that lockdown is easing somewhat.

At the beginning, although there was a desperate need for our usual face to face interpreters, especially with the uplift in the number of hospitalised patients, social distancing made this difficult. We turned to other ways to offer our interpreting services such as telephone interpreting and video interpreting which have offered a lifeline, literally, to our NHS clients, among others.

Our interpreters have been fantastic at adapting their working practices, and once again, getting together virtually gave us ideas for the future, and how to support our interpreters and customers even better with new systems and ways of working.

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