Why do I need transcreation?

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Just because you might not have heard of it, doesn’t mean it isn’t an important part of international marketing. We take a brief look at what it is, how we do it and the benefits of transcreation.

Firstly, what is transcreation?

As a word, Transcreation is simply a blend of content creation and translation. As a process it’s one that goes far beyond functional translation to deliver reversioned, copywritten advertising, promotional, marketing or brand-related content.

Much more than simply translating words from one language to another, transcreation uses the writing skills and brand understanding of regional teams to achieving genuine reader engagement.

Why transcreate?

It enables our clients to deliver compelling, emotive marketing and advertising campaigns into the global marketplace.

How does Prestige Network approach transcreation?

Equally at home working directly with your marketing team or your external agencies, our expert management and production team will work with you to determine exactly what your brand needs to achieve.

We then manage the multicultural talent, creating carefully selected teams of bilingual copywriters, copy editors and professional translators.

The result will be a polished multilingual version of your original content which will meet central and local brand objectives with clarity and precision.

It will allow your transcreated brand message to communicate the same depth and meaning as in the domestic market.

 Featured Client: Deliveroo 

In their own words, ‘At Deliveroo, we’re creating something brilliant’.

In 2016 our transcreation Account Director was approached by Deliveroo to help them localize several brand-building global campaigns.

Keep in mind that Deliveroo think creatively and their campaigns definitely reflect this!

With this in mind we built a team of carefully selected transcreators, able to interpret creatively written concepts and develop local versions of campaigns targeting a specific demographic.

Working through 2016 and into 2017 campaigns were created and localized, introducing the Deliveroo brand to consumers and potential delivery riders in Europe and Asia.

Close liaison with Deliveroo’s marketing team and their global network ensured that we achieved a clear understanding of the concepts and goals.

We were also able to advise where a copy concept would be viewed as a negative statement, or simply alien to a particular market.

In these instances we provided alternatives, maintaining the style and voice of the original English, but carefully adapted for the locale.

So, do you need transcreation?

If you think you might, then it’s best to make sure. Give our friendly team a call on 01635 866 888 or email sales@prestigenetwork.com – we look forward to hearing from you!