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The Audio Workout Is Here

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translation voice over

We were encouraged to see that the BBC are broadcasting 10-minute audio workouts for the elderly. Great idea!

The workouts have been inspired by Japan’s Radio Taiso, well-known for broadcasting popular national daily exercise programmes, and created for the UK by Sport England, Demos, Anchor Hanover and BBC Sport.

But wouldn’t it be great if everyone could share these workouts, especially as many of the elderly may not have English as a first language and could feel excluded.

We’re sure the BBC could extend the reach of these workouts by adding foreign language versions – how about it, BBC?

How can you extend your online reach?

The use of audio clips, video or animation as an effective digital marketing and sales tool has long been part of the marketing mix.

They now have a far greater value as we place increased dependence on our online business activities.

Why not consider extending your online reach by creating local language versions of your audio, video or animation stock?

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