The Importance of the Relationship Between Translator & Project Manager

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As a look into what goes on behind the scenes at Prestige Network, we spoke to Translation Project Manager Carmen Fontecha Garcia about some of the challenges faced by the team, and how they overcome these to achieve results for our clients.

We hope this helps to provide a little perspective on what goes on to achieve the first-rate results our customers have come to expect.

Why are translators important to the Project Management team?

They are a key part of our job; without them we couldn’t do what we do. Having providers who are trustworthy and professional is absolutely essential for us, and we’re fortunate to have such a great pool of talent to choose from.

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What are the characteristics that we look for in a translator?

There are a few important ones: reliability, accuracy, the ability to meet deadlines, efficient communication, approachability, and responsiveness, such as whether they can take the project or not.

Honesty is key for both sides in a translation project; for example, if a translator feels he or she cannot guarantee the quality, or when the subject matter is outside their areas of specialist knowledge, we need to know. It works both ways too, so we’re honest and upfront with the translators and we make sure to give them as much information as possible regarding a project.

A good sense of humour also helps everything to go smoothly – even in the face of a challenge we always like to share a laugh in the office 😉

How do we get the best from our translators?

To get great results, we work hard to build strong relationships with our translators, based on mutual respect, trust and understanding. When people feel understood and cared for, they work better. As we in the translation project management team all have first-hand experience of translating, along with a shared goal to get the very best for our clients, we always manage to get a great response from our translators.

Why is it so important to foster a strong work relationship with translators?

Like everyone, translators need to feel valued; they do vital work, and we never forget that.

Complex projects and tight deadlines make translation a frequently demanding task. Having a good relationship with our teams – along with an understanding of what makes them tick – makes it easier for them as they know they can count on us to help them, and that we greatly appreciate their efforts.

We place great emphasis on getting to know our translators. With each project we get to know our translators better. We really enjoy this process as it enables us to learn about their lives, personalities, hobbies… sometimes they feel more like colleagues than providers.

So, what does all this achieve?

Since we understand the translator’s job can be very stressful, we do our best to create a great working environment for our providers, so that they feel happy and at ease working with us. When people are happy, they work better – and in the long run, this is a win-win for everyone (Project Managers, translators and, most importantly, our clients).

It is all about mutual understanding and respect, and we work hard to make sure everyone is understood, respected and achieving their best.

Thank you to Carmen for taking the time to explain part of the important work here, as well as the Project Management team and all the translators working tirelessly to fulfil the needs of all our clients.

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