Transcreation - Why do you need it?

If you are planning to roll out campaigns in one or more international markets and you are considering any of the following, then you need transcreation or creative translation:

  • Media advertising campaigns
  • Poster campaigns
  • Brand campaigns
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Product marketing assets
  • Corporate literature
  • Website content
  • Press Releases
transcreate your marketing into other languages

What's So Special About Transcreation?

Transcreation is a specialist service. It’s the process of adapting your carefully written content so as to align it to the expectations of a new audience, in a different global location where commercial, linguistic and cultural differences exist.

It goes beyond translation in that the transcreator, often a professional copywriter, has the flexibility to adapt the message while maintaining the core values and the goals of the campaign.

A successful transcreation process involves having or achieving a deep understanding of a local culture, the targeted demographic, and the way in which local media is employed. 

The Prestige Transcreation Process

transcreation analysis of copy

Initial analysis

Our expert management team assess your copy, establishing the criteria required for a successful outcome. They’ll liaise with you and your team to gain a full understanding of your needs.

We’ll select your transcreators from our global team of multilingual copywriters and editors launching your project without delay.

transcreation process


Your team of experienced transcreators get to work on your content, ensuring that your marketing goals, creativity, Tone of Voice and brand criteria are maintained across all of your international markets.

Whatever you need, they are adept at cracking on with the job, painlessly and creatively.

transcreation iteration


The transcreation process can involve several iterations and submission of multiple options before a final choice is made.

Throughout this process your transcreation Project Manager will ensure that your project is kept on track and is meeting your criteria.

transcreation quality control sign off


As with any creative process, you’ll want to be involved. Our aim is to keep you in the loop without overwhelming you. 

Our expertise will ensure that you can make informed choices at key stages in the process and achieve a final sign-off quickly and smoothly.

In More Detail

Understanding the requirement – this is key to achieving the best result, quickly. If you - the client -  can provide a comprehensive brief, this is a great starting point. If not, we will provide guidance and build a brief that you can approve before the transcreation process starts.

First steps - It’s usual to review your content and provide an initial report, highlighting any challenges that could be encountered. This is particularly important with advertising copy as creative play on words in English, may prove impossible to convey to a new, non-English-speaking audience.

The extent of the service that you need - this depends on your resources. You may choose to carry out final reviews and approvals if the right personnel are available within your organisation. Or, you may ask us to provide a ready-to-publish solution. 

Having the right expectations – As a guide, consider how much work went into creating the original content. How many rounds of review and revision or complete re-writes were involved? Adapting for other markets is not dissimilar as there may be:

  • Alternative ways of presenting your message – we often provide alternatives for clientside approval 
  • If your proposition doesn’t work at all in a different language, a new approach may be needed
  • If your brand, your product or service is new to a market, don’t rely on your audience having prior allegiance or understanding. Your proposition may need reinforcement in order to achieve the results that you need.
  • Multiply the above by the number of markets you need to engage with!

We don’t deny that the process may seem complex, but our experience can be called upon to guide you and implement the right process to achieve excellent results, quickly.


How to integrate transcreation into your campaign planning

Transcreation shouldn’t be an afterthought, follow these steps and you’ll achieve great results:

  1. Engage with us early in the process - we treat every conversation as confidential
  2. Use our expertise to refine your planning and budgeting
  3. Allow sufficient time to complete the transcreation process
  4. Share your objectives

Your Account Management team are always available to discuss transcreation projects.


‘What is transcreation?’

Transcreation refers to the process of adapting a marketing, advertising or promotional message from one language to another.

Transcreation is primarily used to ensure the success of cross-border marketing and advertising campaigns with no dilution of intent, style, tone and context.

‘What should you use transcreation for?’

Transcreation can be used for all creatively written materials, including: brochures, websites, email campaigns, presentations, press releases, branded content, banner ads, PPC campaigns, whitepapers, case studies, and newsletters.

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