Technology assisted translation for law firms

With 26 years’ experience delivering translation services to independent law firms, in-house Legal Counsels and Public Sector organisations, we appreciate the time and cost limitations that often apply to the initial discovery process.

We’ve now applied that experience to the development of technology driven solutions that support this important need.

Here’s what you need to know:

Is it free?

We can offer you a free service that will deliver an unedited ‘gist’ translation.

You can then decide if you need all or part of the document translated professionally, or if an edited version of the initial translation will suffice.

Is it fast?

Yes. We can normally deliver your basic translation same day or next day.

Is it secure?

Yes. If your documentation is sensitive we can provide you with a secure file transfer resource. All data is managed within our ISO27001 Framework.

What kind of document can be translated?

Any document with editable text, i.e.: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs

Scanned pages may be suitable, subject to our evaluation and conversion to editable text.

Can we have large documents translated?

Yes, there are no size limitations.

Which languages are supported?

We support most key European and Asian languages. If you have a specific requirement, call our team on 01635 246 699 or request a call back.

How good is the quality?

In its most basic form the translation will give you a good understanding (gist) of the original document.

If you need a greater level of accuracy, we can post-edit the basic translation.

Where you need total accuracy we can professionally translate your selected extracts, or the entire document, delivering a Certified translation if required.

Will there be any additional costs?

A basic ‘gist’ translation carries no additional cost providing the materials you provide are suitable.

Document evaluation is fast and we can advise you within a few minutes.

When will charges will apply?

We will charge you for:

  • A small management charge will apply to translations that exceed 10,000 words.
  • Preparation of files, including conversion of scanned pages to text if required
  • Editing of the raw translation output if you need enhanced quality
  • Re-formatting of page layouts if you need the translated document to mirror the original
  • Any specific formatting tasks such as creation of bilingual tables.

If any charges apply, we will provide a detailed cost quotation.

What if I need a professional, Certified translation?

Prestige Network provide a professional legal translation service conforming to our ISO 9001 : 2015 Standard.

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