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Why translate your Amazon product listings

It’s all about respecting your customer when you sell on international Amazon sites. 

I sell in English, but you buy in Chinese. Result is very limited customer engagement and disappointing sales.

I sell in Chinese and you buy in Chinese – well, we can guess the outcome.

So, although your customer may fall in love with what they see, if they don’t fully understand the product description, they may not be convinced to buy. And if they do buy but find it doesn’t meet expectations, it will simply hike up the number of returns that you receive.

Therefore, the investment in translating your Amazon product listings has easily identified benefits.

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Optimising your multilanguage Amazon product listing

By using appropriate keywords and optimising your Amazon product listings, customers will find your products more easily in web searches, yet the best keywords are rarely a direct translation. We have the expertise not only to translate your content, but to research appropriate keywords in your chosen language to maximise your multilingual SEO opportunities.

If you need a little extra help with your international marketing, visit apio - a specialised division of Prestige Network.



  • Fast turn-around times
  • Appropriate translation methods whether human, machine or a bit-of-both translation
  • Native speakers and expert copywriters
  • 28 years experience and 200+ languages to choose from

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Quick FAQ

‘What’s the best way to translate my catalogue for Amazon?’

Generic products can be translated in bulk, quickly and cheaply. 

Speciality products, where content is highly nuanced, with on-brand Tone of Voice and compelling descriptions, require more thoughtful translation. Human translation or transcreation may be required for some, or all of your content. Your transcreated descriptions will be sales and marketing focussed with highly targeted, compelling localised copy, which aim to convert browsers into buyers.

Why should my organisation go global?

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to reach new international markets. The more languages your Amazon product listing is translated into, the greater your potential sales. In countries with fewer translated products, you should face lower competition. With 200+ languages in our toolbox, you can enter new markets cost effectively.

Expand your horizons, save time and money by calling in the language experts.

‘Who else does Prestige Network translate for?’

Britax and Roman Originals have used Prestige Network for translating their Amazon listings. Roman Originals, in particular has its own style of very creative writing; a task that we relish.

Set us a challenge and ask for a quote.

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