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Translating Multi-Language E-Commerce Sites

Multilingual E-Commerce websites need high volumes of content translated quickly, to enable your products to reach international audiences in the minimum time. 

Machine Translation (MT) is cost-effective and fast and is often used for automatically translating content for E-Commerce and other very large websites. It is perfect for translating product listings, and by using AI enhance translation quality, it can be trained to ‘learn’ your organisation’s preferences and is fast becoming a very sophisticated solution when used correctly.

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More than just E-Commerce translating

Whether you need CMS workflow integration, or access to a straightforward translation ordering system, Prestige Network will provide the solution that works best for you.

From initial onboarding and throughout our relationship, we’ll be creating the tools and refining the processes that guarantee you receive the best possible service, consistently. 

Our team of Account and Project Managers will provide dedicated support, be that looking after the day to day linguistic challenges of your account or integrating with your CMS to minimise client-side involvement, allowing multi-language websites to be updated concurrently, delivering ready-to-publish translated content faster. 

Once your E-Commerce content has been translated, it will be returned to you in your required file format (XML, XLS etc).

Human translation can be used in addition to MT if required, for light or heavy post-editing, or even just for specific fields, to ensure correct tone of voice, or when very creative and on-brand language is required.  



  • Your data is safe and secure using Prestige Network’s Machine Translation services, so it’s even ideal for market-sensitive and confidential information. (Did you realise for example, that what you type into Google Translate becomes Google’s property)?
  • Where very large amounts of web content need translating, MT can even learn your corporate style and is a very cost-effective way to create a sizeable multi-language website.
  • With ISO:9001 certification, you can rest assured of a quality service.
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Quick FAQ

‘Can Machine Translation be used for high-quality website translation?’

Retail websites with a high product churn often challenge the conventional translation solution. You may have already encountered this.

Well-managed Machine Translation offers an effective solution to the demands of delivering large volumes of translated content, quickly and at a cost that rapidly improves ROI.

Not all Machine Translation is the same though, but with 10 years’ experience applying MT solutions to retail sites, we understand how to apply best-practice when preparing your translation environment, implementing and managing quality. 

Talk to us to find out the best way to translate your E-Commerce website.

‘Can you help me with multi-language Digital Marketing?‘

Yes, we can advise you on your multilingual digital marketing, whether PPC or SEO. MT may work, or human translation to ensure cultural appropriateness may be better, but either way, we have the expertise to help you. 

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