Translation Terminologies

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You might have heard if translation memory, terminologies and glossaries, but it’s likely you’ve never considered either how they work, or the importance of finding a reliable linguists who can make the most of them for more consistent and efficient translations.

Here’s a brief overview to acquaint you with the basics – and benefits – of proper translation processes.

What is translation terminology?

Terminology for translation is the compilation of glossaries or word lists that are unique to a specific organisation, industry or perhaps your own organisation, and which are applied during the translation process.

Linguists create lists of phrases and key terms that are used by a specific organisation for particular objects, processes or ideas. For instance, two companies supplying furniture might sell similar products, however one prefers the term “desk” and the other uses “small table”.

Why does terminology matter?

By using the correct terminology, written materials can be standardised with ease. It allows consistency, for example, between different chapters of a manual or several publications in a series.

For a large-scale project being handled by a team of translators, a common glossary ensures that tone and accuracy is maintained in each element of the job.

Another major benefit of terminology glossaries is technical accuracy – in businesses with a lot of complex technical terms, it’s vital that these remain the same in all written materials and all languages.

How can it benefit your organisation?

The two main benefits of terminology are consistency of style and content.

Correct usage maintains the outward quality of your organisation while ensuring that your brand remains strong. For all brands, keeping control over brand perception is vital, and doing so in other languages is particularly important for international businesses.

Additionally, by removing any ambiguity, you won’t need to worry about instances where technical specifics are important, or can even affect the safety of end users (for instance in pharmaceutical or technology sectors).

How can we help?

As an establish translation agency with a strong roster of professional, qualified and experienced translators, we always create a bespoke translation memory and wordlists for clients where appropriate.

If you’re interested in finding our out more about any of the translation processes (there’s plenty more!) then get in touch. If you’re happy to let us worry about it for you, that’s also fine – talk to us for a complete translation solution.