English translations for international student coursework at De Montfort University

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translation for university students

De Montfort University welcomes international students who wish to study in the UK.

The international office has chosen Prestige Network to be their language service provider to translate documents including the curriculum, student handbooks and module content into English from their native language.

AI-enhanced Machine Translation (MT)

The requirement from De Montfort University includes fast, low-cost translation of appropriate documentation, where the use of AI-enhanced Machine Translation (MT) is likely to deliver substantial benefits.

We use AI-enhanced Machine Translation (MT) that can be trained for individual clients to meet defined performance criteria, such as use of specific vocabulary and terminology. With AI, the translation engines ‘learn’ with each iteration, constantly improving the end result.

Human post-editing

Once the raw translation is ready, it is reviewed and post-edited by a certified human translator who is also skilled in the subject matter, a process that delivers a reliable and accurate final translation.

While MT allows for faster and more cost-effective processing of large volumes of documents, the integration with human post-editing enables us to meet the client’s performance criteria.

An easy, managed translation process

Of course, the whole process is more complicated than this, with QA checks throughout, but we deal with all of that so that our clients can just send us the original documents and receive certified, accurately translated ones back, knowing that their translations are safe in our hands.

De Montfort appeals to a number of students across the EU and Asia and so we will have plenty of translation work to keep us busy.

More information

If you have a need for coursework or e-learning translation, do get in touch with us.