The Pleasure and Pain of Overseas Documents

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How often have you been presented with what seems an impossible task in reading and understanding a document in a foreign language? And then being given what seems like an impossible timescale to collate your internal information and complete the response! And then, just when you think it’s complete the bad news hits home that the response has to be submitted back in the country’s mother tongue!!
I think we have all been in this situation.
More often than before, documents from a one-page letter, marketing material, technical information, legal contracts and tender responses need to be translated.
This is an extra step in your workload and extra response time to be factored in to meet your deadlines.
We can help you achieve that deadline. You will need to plan time to translate and review the documents. We can do this for you.

By engaging with you right from the start of your project, we are able to give guidance on translation time for your documents and manage a delivery plan with you.

Prestige Network can offer this skill, knowledge and expertise across all markets and industrieseducation, media, legal and commercial contracts, and overseas tenders in 200 languages. We even work with our UK based clients on their overseas marketing and promotional material once contracts have been won.
With emerging economies and markets in countries such as Libya, Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Portugal and many others, we at Prestige Network are well placed to help with your translations for tenders and all commercial documents and marketing material. We can even support you with telephone interpreters if you need interpreting for meetings.
The pleasure of the tender process, for example, is knowing that it is completed professionally, submitted on time and that you are awarded the contract.
Prestige Network can take away the pain of missing the timescale and making sure that you have all documents professionally translated by a native speaker with the qualifications for your industry. We are here waiting to help you with all the documents that surround this process from your introductory letter to the file submission.