The 5 Best Things About Being a Translation Project Manager

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At Prestige Network we know that if you love what you do, it shows in the work you produce.

Because of the nature of the job, you have to be passionate about the work – we don’t deny it’s a challenge sometimes, but that’s part of what makes it great.

It was hard getting it down to five, so there’s a bonus reason in there too. What can we say? We love what we do!

1) It feeds our passion for languages

First and foremost, we are all skilled linguists – that’s what drives us every day. Learning a language (or several) doesn’t come overnight, so you need to have a real passion for it, and this feeds into the approach we take to all of our projects.

The benefit of our knowledge and enthusiasm for foreign languages really comes from our understanding of the process of translation, and knowing what it takes to do a fantastic job. Without this experience and dedication, the results just wouldn’t be the same.

2) There’s worldwide travel (from the comfort of our desks)

Ok, it’s only travel in a metaphorical sense, but we still get to see and hear more of the world than you would in any other job. Finding out about different cultures and customs, getting a real insight into them is a huge bonus, and really opens your eyes.

As well as getting to grips with a new culture through its language, we also have the opportunity to learn about a range of different topics, as the content of what we translate is so varied. One minute you’re a newly minted expert in obscure European law and the next you’re a technical whizz! Because of this, every day we get plenty to occupy our enquiring minds, not to mention the savings on airfares that desk-bound world travel offers.

3) Bridging gaps & building relationships

This is a big one – we love having the opportunity to build connections, develop rapports and create a sense of unity in every project.

Because we’re in constant contact with everyone concerned, we serve as the bridge between translators and clients. By taking on this role, we get a wider perspective of the industry and we are in a privileged position to building relationships with suppliers and client, which is always satisfying.

4)It’s a new challenge every day

There’s no getting away from it, project managing translations is a demanding job, so it’s a good thing we all like a challenge! We’re never bored, and no two days are the same, as each project brings up something new.

The versatility of the job allows us to develop our skills and acquire new ones. Whether it’s quoting for new requests, improving customer service, honing negotiation skills, boosting quality assurance, perfecting time and resources management, or enhancing our language and technical knowledge, we’ve all built up a pretty formidable set of skills for the job.

5) Owning a project – and its outcomes

Once you accept a translation project, you take ownership and have full control of it. It might sound a little daunting, but the benefits of taking control become clear when you successfully complete your assignment.

As the lead on a project you can control the direction, making the right calls to ensure everything’s done correctly, on time, to the high standards that we set for ourselves in every task. In the end, delivering high quality translations to tight deadlines and ensuring client satisfaction makes it all worth it.

6) It’s a team effort

Teamwork is the essence of what we do, and we all value the collaborative nature of the work and the quality of the team here at Prestige Network.

At the same time, we work independently because each of us manages our own set of projects, although it’s great that there’s always someone whose experience you can learn from, or simply someone to bounce ideas off. And when we achieve something great, it’s always nice to have a team to share the success with.

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So, there you have it – six of the top reasons why it’s great to be a translation project manager. We could have added more, so if you’d like to find out what they are why not get in touch?

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