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The Sky’s the Limit for TI & VI!

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video interpreting VI

Video Interpreting (VI) and Telephone Interpreting (TI) services have become increasingly useful to organisations over the last few months, as face-to-face interpreting and international travel have been challenged by social distancing and home working.

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Our Video Interpreting (VI) and Telephone Interpreting (TI) service provides fast access to native-speaking interpreters all over the world, indeed we can provide interpreters for over 120 languages!

Additionally, TI & VI create cost and convenience benefits that are really important right now, but will also enhance your organisation’s performance in the future.

Admittedly most of the time our clients only need interpreters who are fluent in one or two common languages such as a European language or Chinese, but when we get a call for a rarer language combination at short notice, we’re really proud to be able to help.

telephone interpreting app

Requesting a Telephone Interpreter is very quick and easy, and if you have an account with us already, you can simply call 0800 090 3647 and choose your language. You can also use our new TI app which is even faster.

If you don’t already have an account for Telephone Interpreting with us, it’s not a problem, just email and we can sort it out for you. Whether it’s a one-off job, or likely to be a long-term relationship, we’ll have the right interpreter for you.

As you can see from our language card, the sky’s the limit.

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