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Telephone Interpreting App puts you in control

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Today there are an increasing number of factors that influence how you communicate with your colleagues.

telephone interpreting app

For business and health or legal professionals, it has also become an imperative to protect employees, vulnerable patients and clients.

This is where telephone interpreting delivers the ideal solution. Our Telephone Interpreting App makes booking a telephone interpreter easy and with one of the largest interpreter resources in the UK, plus 28 years’ experience we are the ideal interpreting partner.

Our clients often need a telephone interpreter at the last minute, often on the move and haven’t got time to wait around. This was our incentive to create our new Telephone Interpreter App.

In a nutshell, our clients can now log into PN Client Connect – an app on their phone (Android and Apple), choose the language they require and the PN Client Connect app will connect directly with an interpreter. On the rare occasion that the call is not answered within a few seconds, it will automatically dial the next available interpreter, which saves time.

For the interpreter, it’s very responsive and convenient as they can log into their Interpreter Connect app from their phone and set their availability status. Once set to Available, they can receive their jobs directly. It’s now even easier for them to fit telephone interpreting jobs in around their daily lives and other commitments, and an added benefit is that our clients have even greater interpreter availability.

For Prestige Network, it means that we can connect even more clients with more interpreters than before, at all hours, and with more satisfied clients who can connect with their interpreter faster. In our current Coronavirus environment, this is a really positive tool for organisations and workers alike and can help us to keep the country working.


It’s good to know that your call is strictly confidential, and your interpreter is trained to be accurate and impartial. You can even choose whether your interpreter is one you already know, or male or female.

If you haven’t yet got an agreement in place with us for Telephone Interpreting, and would like more information, or to sign up, please contact

For clients with an agreement, please sign up for access to the app on 01635 246 700 or you can e-mail us:

Download the PN Client Connect app:



You should have received instructions on how to download and use the PN Interpreter app:


If you have any further questions, please contact the Interpreting Team on 01635 246 700 (during office hours) or email

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