XLIFF workflow example

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XLIFF workflow example

Thanks to Adobe’s recent announcement that FrameMaker can now export content as an industry standard XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF), it’s now easier than ever to translate your User Guides, Install Guides, QSGs and Technical Data or Safety Information Sheets.

Being able to output content in an interchange format creates synergy with your translation provider, with XLIFF files being the default file type for use with professional translation tools.

But streamlining the authoring and translation workflow isn’t limited to FrameMaker.

Workflow integration can be achieved for most authoring and design applications; InDesign, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Pagination and course Microsoft Word and Publisher.

What are the advantages?

If you’re a regular user of technical translation services, then you’ll be aware of the cost, time and quality advantages that are gained through use of CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation).

Being able to process your content by means of a common interchange file, further enhances the process.

Delivery of print or web-ready files makes for an efficient round-trip and can deliver those important time and cost saving benefits you need.

Multimedia content
With the increasing use of instructional video, the ability to provide localised versions has become a staple element in the technical authors’ armoury.

Knowing that you can quickly achieve localised videos; subtitled or with voice-over in the languages you need, creates positive engagement with your customers and provides strong brand reinforcement.

In-house multimedia resources for technical authors

In a few weeks we’ll be announcing our new in-house multimedia localisation resources. This will give Prestige Network the ability to meet the increasing demand from client’s who need instructional and training content in global languages.

We’ll tell you more soon.

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