Translation and localisation services for software developers

Are you launching your software globally?

Launching your software product into new, global markets brings obvious revenue opportunities. Choosing an experienced, well-resourced translation and localisation partner is the key to making this process straightforward and cost-efficient.

It’s more than just translation

Having supported the translation and localisation needs of software developers for 26 years, Prestige Network are well-placed to manage every aspect of the process, be that technical, linguistic or cultural. And in addition to delivering your translated UI, correctly localised for your target market, we will ensure total consistency across all related documentation: technical, marketing and legal.

We translate and localise:

  • Resource files
  • Complex XML
  • Video (voice-over/subtitles)
  • Website content
  • User Guides
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Graphics/infographics
  • Helps
  • Legal documentation
  • Marketing assets
  • White Papers

We are trusted by:

It’s also about adding value

Our service extends beyond the basic need to translate. We work to understand your brand, and your market, applying this knowledge to all of your assets, including:

  • Style and Tone-of-Voice (TOV)
  • Cultural relevance
  • Localisation of graphics/infographics
  • Compliance with your corporate identity criteria
  • Functionality
  • Typographic management

To reduce time-to-market, we provide all clients with secure access to online file management and proofing/approvals tools.

By managing this aspect of the project workflow for you, we ensure that that changes made by your local teams are implemented without delay.


Prestige Network provide a fully-integrated service, ensuring total consistency across all collateral.

We can deliver ready-to-publish documentation (User Guides, QSGs, HELPs etc.) and product related marketing and corporate communications in a wide range of languages.

Our service extends to delivery of web or print ready assets.


Our use of translation quality and productivity tools from day one of every relationship ensures that you will always receive best-pricing due to the exponential growth of your translation memories with fast response and leveraged delivery schedules.

Technical translation can be anything from the translation of maintenance manuals, safety datasheets, technical specs, installation guides, product catalogues, patents and press releases to entire websites. We deal with some of the world’s most innovative tech companies in sectors as diverse as mechanical engineering, automotive manufacturing, electronics and control engineering, telecommunications and more and are adept in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of the industry.

Our Translators are all native speakers of their language and fluent in English, as well as qualified subject matter experts. Technical translation is a highly specialised discipline requiring absolute precision, clarity and confidential data handling, and must only ever be carried out by highly-vetted, qualified translators. Our translators and project managers are well versed in the unique challenges this presents, ensuring that all translations are true to the source documents and comply with any required foreign practices and regulations.

Here are some of our clients:

  • 26 years’ experience translating complex technical information across a wide range of commercial sectors
  • Translation productivity technologies deliver cost and quality benefits
  • Fast response from a friendly, professional team who are always available to provide you with expert assistance
  • Experienced, UK based Project Management team focused on technical translation
  • Global translation resource enabling us to support all commercial language combinations
  • Secure translation environment ensures commercial confidentiality
  • Integrated workflow speeds time-to-market, delivering print and web-ready assets.