Media Translation and Interpreting Services


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Professional Media Translation Services from Prestige Network

The term ‘media’ encompasses many diverse forms of mass communication from television and internet to printed materials. At Prestige Network, we have the skills and media translation experience to accommodate them all – and we work with over 200 languages. Our media translators have done everything from translating complete editions of newspapers and magazines to undertaking extensive research projects for programmes on national television and even movies.

Subtitling and Voice-Over Services

Besides our translation services, speech in a written, visual form. Our experienced subtitlers take everything into account, giving as much attention to the time-coding, ensuring the translated text coincides with the speech, as to the translation itself, ensuring the meaning, tone and drama is correctly conveyed on screen for other cultures.
Voice over is the translation of the spoken word. At Prestige Network we use professional voice over artists, actors and narrators to accurately deliver your message to your foreign audience ensuring the meaning of your message is not lost in translation.
We have a range of voice over artists available to meet any request so give us a call. Our team at Prestige Network are on hand ready to assist you.

Why Use Prestige Network for Media Translations?

Prestige Network can translate into over 200 languages, and we have a proven track record working within the media industry. If you have a foreign-language project which you need our help with, we’d like to hear from you. Call us to discuss your individual requirements; we think you’ll be surprised by all we can offer.