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6 Things retailers can do to protect their future

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Retailers with an existing strong online presence may be able to offset some of their lost high street sales, but others who lack an online retail presence, or have simply focused on the UK market may start to consider a change of strategy.

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Recently we’ve seen an increase in interest from traditionally bricks and mortar retailers, who are now actively investigating the opportunities that new, overseas markets may offer.

You’ll have read about Amazon increasing their warehouse capacity as online sales accelerate, or Primark’s decision not to sell online. Will Primark change its strategy? Or will other retailers find increasing levels of business activity online?

Will this accelerate over coming weeks and months as the need to recover lost ground quickly becomes a post-Coronavirus imperative?

Localising Your Website

If your business is considering such a move, then these key points may help you get your foreign language retail sites up and running without delay:

website localisation
  • Cost is an important factor, but also consider the strengths of the Language Service Provider that you engage with – will they be able to support you in the long-term?
  • Find out how translation technologies can help you manage your costs and deliver content faster
  • Think about how you speak to your customers in a different language; your ‘voice’. This is a really important consideration for some sectors where conveying hard-won brand values is vital
  • Promoting your products in a new market should also be a priority. Ensure that your chosen LSP can support your Social Media, SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Make sure that your chosen Language Service Provider is available to talk to you, your site developers or marketing agencies. Whenever they are needed.
  • Finally, don’t forget your traditional sales avenues. Consistency of your marketing and sales messaging across all of your territories, be they existing or new is equally important.

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Prestige Network has a long and successful history of enabling organisations to localise their websites and marketing materials. Many of our clients are internationally renowned household names, so you’ll be in good company if you choose us as your LSP. Get a quote, or contact us to find out more – we’ve got all the experience you’ll need.