Trust haemorrhaged £9.5m to missed appointments

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The total cost to the NHS an epidemic £1 billion from patients missing their appointments last year!

Patient Did Not Attends (DNAs) are a huge cost for the NHS to bear at a time of increasing budget pressure and staff cuts. During 2016 – 2017, its shocking that almost 8 million hospital outpatient appointments were missed.

NHS are taking steps to tackle this including the use of text messages to remind patients of appointments.

It is important for us to be reminded of the cost to the NHS for missed appointments. Whether this is for a GP, Dentist or hospital; the impact is great and will ultimately affect the future of the NHS.

Patient DNAs affect us as a language service company as we provide much needed interpreters for NHS appointments.

Here is an example of how one Hospital Trust is making their plea to patients after losing £9.5million!

Oxford University Hospitals – plea to patients