Our Top Tips For A Flawless Translation Project

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Maximising your return on investment

Let us help you save time and money making us your partner for your product or service.
Here are some of the ideas that we have gathered over 25 years in the business:

1. Contact us at the very start of your translation project, or before when it is still a thought, and keep us informed of any changes throughout – these may affect price and delivery!
2. Work backwards from your expected delivery date. A professional translator will translate and check up to 3,000 words per day depending on the content of the project. For example, a technical document with 10,000 words would take up to 4 days to translate and check by the translator before quality checks are applied.
3. Prepare before you start: Think carefully about content at the preparation phase of the original source document, is it clear, concise and jargon free? Can you eliminate repetitive sections? Do we need to be informed of specific terminology or provided with a glossary of terms for reference? We can help you avoid ambiguities and build up a memory for future projects.
4. Specify the target country and language, and consider whether any particular dialect(s) need to be used.
5. Be clear on who will read the translation and how they will read it. For example, tell us if a leaflet is for the patients or doctors.
6. Let us know whether it is a one-off translation or part of a larger project for you.
7. Let us know the format: We can handle many formats including Studio DTP packages for you. Remember, it takes a little longer to translate PDF files.
8. Be clear about who needs to be involved in the project both internally and externally – before, during, on completion and beyond. Providing a single contact partner can speed things up by enabling any questions to be answered quickly and directly.
9. Contact Us to discuss your project with our team, or ask for advice.