The Great (Brexit) Escape

Up to 19,000 pieces of EU legislation will be changed as a result of Brexit, so now is the time to consider how this impacts on your global communications.

What should you do about this? Find out our advice to you...

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MT & The Future of  Translation

While software generated translation, or Machine Translation, has been around for many years, it's recently ‘come of age’ with the advent of neural technologies.

While MT isn’t a magic translation bullet, it is creating new opportunities for clients needing fast, high-volume, low-cost translation solutions.

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Customer Feedback

Prestige Network's Customer Satisfaction Report has exceeded expectations, again.

With data from over 700 online reviews and 140 satisfaction surveys, our customer ratings show how busy we've been keeping everyone happy.

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The Hidden Benefits of Translation

Translation is often seen as a functional service or a simple means to an end.

The truth is, there's a lot more you can get out of the translation process.

Read on to discover the benefits you might be missing out on...

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Arabic Through the Looking Glass

Translation into unfamiliar languages can lead you in to a topsy-turvy world.

Find out how a basic translation into Arabic caused embarrassment on an international scale, and how you can avoid this happening to you.

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Hiring Now!

Because of recent growth, we're on the lookout for fresh talent to help shape the future of Prestige Network. Openings include:

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Truly National Coverage

We currently cover the whole of mainland Britain with an increasing number of contracts.

With an increasing number of contracts and linguists to fulfil them, we're still finding room to expand further!

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New Wins for Prestige:

We've had some great new contracts recently, including:

  • DSTL contract with the MOD
  • DHSC Paterson Inquiry
  • Royal College of Art
  • Silence Therapeutics
  • Atlantic Projects
  • Ofgem
  • Vision Express
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Latest Feedback from

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Chinese Interpreters... in China!

We get plenty of unusual requests for languages in unexpected places, including Chinese in China!

We provided 3 days of interpreting for a delegation, delighting our client with a first-rate service.

Interesting task? Satisfied customer? Happy days!

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