Shaping the future of technology driven language solutions with LinguaNyx™

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Prestige Network is proud to announce the launch of its new language services management system, LinguaNyx™.

LinguaNyx™ is the culmination of a years’ intensive development by our own software team, following in-depth analysis of client-side ordering and reporting preferences, interpreter booking workflow, translation project management, reporting, data and financial management.

The first phase of LinguaNyx™. Addressing the secure client access to the interpreter booking portal was an obvious priority, but so too was the goal for greater efficiency and ease of use by our own team who manage the booking process internally.

Automation of the booking process allows faster interpreter assignment, while enhanced access to interpreter information ensures that our clients will always be sure of receiving the very best match to their requirement.
Clients will also enjoy real-time reporting. Just log in and the status of each interpreter booking is instantly available.

Project Manager and our Head of Operations, Darren Mogg says;
After a very detailed and intensive review process we have a comprehensive roadmap with a clear understanding of the requirements and project KPI’s. Projects rarely stay aligned to original plans, but the drive and enthusiasm of the Operational Teams at Prestige Network is making the challenges and complexities of this project hugely exciting. There isn’t a single area of the business that we are not reviewing as we work to simplify and improve processes for internal and external users; clients and linguists alike. As the development of LinguaNyx™ advances, all stakeholders will benefit from the improved efficiencies of our management processes “.

What does the future hold?
LinguaNyx™ is the first step in the planned development of a suite of integrated management and productivity tools, some of which will be coming on-line in the next few weeks.

Our goal is to give every client access to the future of technology-driven translation. Over the coming weeks we will be announcing new products and services that will enhance every client’s business processes.

If you would like to discuss how LinguaNyx™ could benefit your organization, please do get in touch.