New Division Launch for Secure Transcription

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Part of the dedicated division for secure transcription

Prestige Network has announced the creation of a new, dedicated division for its existing secure transcription services.

The company, which has provided transcription services for many years to a wide range of clients including financial institutions, legal clients, education sector and government organisations, has seen recent growth in secure transcriptions, necessitating the organisational adjustment.

Senior Transcriber Jo Walker explained, “We’ve been expanding the secure services provided to our transcription clients for a long time, so it’s great to see the official creation of a dedicated division to manage clients needs more efficiently.”

As clients become increasingly focused on security, the shift to a dedicated division – which houses transcribers secure, on-site and access-controlled environment – will streamline administration and accommodate further expected growth.

The secure physical space, combined with a trusted team of onsite professional transcribers, are backed up by strict adherence to the stringent technical requirements of many clients.

How secure? The technical details

Files are securely uploaded by clients via Prestige Network’s secure portal, using enterprise grade security that’s backed up by SFTP / HTTPS, 2-factor authentication, antivirus scanning, and strict encryption throughout.

With clients demanding the strictest levels of standards compliance, there’s a comprehensive audit trail that’s HIPAA and GDPR, and PCI-DSS compliant. The whole process is UK Government approved, and transparent data residency provides further peace of mind for compliance-focused organisations.

Why Prestige Network stands out among transcription providers

In contrast with many transcription companies, the creation of this division marks a commitment to the secure, high-quality work that places client’s needs at the heart of our transcription services.

Why do we stand out? Here are the five key differences in Prestige’s approach:

  • In-house staff working onsite
  • Highest levels of data security
  • Access-controlled secure environment
  • Government-approved processes
  • Multilingual support for 100+ languages

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