targeted multilanguage marketing

Multi-Language Marketing Communications for International Law Firms

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targeted multilanguage marketing


You’ve already invested in creating content for your law firm’s website and corporate literature. You know your audience intimately and you know exactly what you need to achieve.

If your next challenge is to extend your message to new, non-English speaking markets, or refresh your message to existing markets, then a quick call to the Prestige Network team could prove to be the best solution.

Why Prestige Network?

Just like your organisation, we too have to compete in a busy marketplace. We’ve succeeded for nearly 30 years by building a reputation for quality and reliability. Attributes that you’ll appreciate.

Our skill is knowing how to localise carefully written marketing and corporate statements, ensuring that your corporate voice always reflects your professionalism, regardless of language.

How our services complement your needs

You can call on a range of specialist services that fulfil the needs of legal sector marketers who need to engage with non-English speaking markets.

Our website contains information about marketing localisation services, transcreation, multilingual DTP and website localisation.

More info

Or, if you would like to explore how we can help with a specific requirement, just call and ask for Jackie Benn or Ken Mealing.

Call us on 01635 866 888 or email us