Machine translation (MT)

Modern-Day Machine Translation

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Machine translation (MT)

We’re all familiar with Google Translate – a really useful online service.

This is just one example of Machine Translation being used to gain a fast understanding of a short text in any language.

But for businesses, professional Machine Translation provides an enhanced service that improves business performance and opens new revenue streams.


Machine Translation is a powerful communications tool that can introduce you to new markets and new customers by engaging them in their own language. And it can speed up dialogue with existing clients, your employees, and business partners.

Machine Translation can help you recruit the right people and close the best deals.

Machine Translation can drive your global eCommerce and help train the right people.

Used in the right context, Machine Translation can save you money without risking your organisation’s integrity.

Here’s a short introduction to professional Machine Translation for business users.

Where do we come in?

We’re a professional translation company. We set the quality bar very high – ask our clients.

So, when we created a professional Machine Translation service, we did it with our clients’ needs in mind, adding value throughout the process.

Our technology allows us to integrate a raft of quality-enhancing tools; tools that help guarantee the best translation result.

With us, the Machine Translation journey starts with honesty. We never, ever promise something we can’t deliver. And if the service isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you.

But if it’s the right solution for you, this is what we’ll do:

  • Interrogate your requirement to fully understand what you need to achieve
  • Advise on the best Machine Translation process
  • Add terminology that’s right for your business
  • Write rules that protect your brand messaging

If you’re an existing client, we’ll integrate your existing Translation Memory…And then:

  • We use professional editors to smooth out the translation, to check and correct terminology, and fine-tune the translation to fit your needs
  • Finally applying a QA process to ensure we’ve met your brief

See how the process works:

More info

If you would like to discuss how Machine Translation can save you time and money, and help find you more business, just give us a call on 01635 866 888 or email us