Security Clearance Approved linguists

Security Clearance And Reassurance

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All projects shared with a language service provider require a degree of secrecy, but there are times when clients need an extra level of assurance.

There are various levels of clearance and safeguarding including SC which is National Security Clearance and CTC which is Counter Terrorism Check.

Some projects require Security Clearance or CTC and at Prestige Network, we can happily accommodate these. Key managers within our Head Office, and some of our interpreters and translators are Security Cleared which entailed completing some seriously hefty documentation! All Head Office staff have signed the Official Secrets Act too, and many of us have also got enhanced DBS, NPPV3 (Non-Police Personnel Vetting Level 3) and have signed NDAs.

Whether you need this level of Security Clearance and protection or not, it should instil confidence in you that any contact you have with Prestige Network will remain confidential and your personnel will be safe in our hands.

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If you’re looking for language services such as translation, interpreting or secure transcription, and you want to make certain that your projects and people are never compromised by your provider, choosing Prestige Network will be a wise choice. Find out more about how we look after your data. Give us a call on 01635 246 699 or email us.