100% success with LinguaNyx™, our easy-to-use interpreting & language service management system

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translation project manager using LinguaNyx

Earlier this year we went live with LinguaNyx™, our bespoke interpreting management system.

Within a few months LinguaNyx™ has been adopted by over 400 clients who are now benefiting from a faster, more efficient way of booking interpreters.

By automating the interpreter booking process, we have created faster response times, with accurate matching of your interpreting needs to our resources.

Real-time, online reporting keeps you up to date with every one of your requests. No more phone calls or emails chasing progress, just log in and see the status of your interpreter booking – instantly.

What is LinguaNyx™?

LinguaNyx™ represents our investment in every client by creating a constantly improving management platform that integrates processes, and manages workflows. LinguaNyx™ will soon support a suite of translation and interpreting management and productivity tools, ensuring that we can meet your needs with ever-increasing efficiency.

LinguaNyx™ improves translation quality

Process automation has a quantifiable impact on translation quality. By releasing our Project Team’s time for quality management – more time is spent on the detail and this equates to a better service and a better translation product.

In a fast-changing industry where AI driven translation technologies are influencing how we all work, managing the critical stuff while also fulfilling your day-to-day needs remains important to any serious organisation.
LinguaNyx™ reinforces our goal to give every client access to the translation and interpreting technologies of the future.

If you would like to discuss how LinguaNyx™ could benefit your organization, a call now could be the language services lifeline that all businesses need. Tel 01635 866 888

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