The Error That Can Change a Life

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The importance of accurate legal translation

It’s no exaggeration to say that one inaccurately translated word could change the life of a person in court forever. Or change the outcome of a corporate litigation.

Legal translation creates many demands, not the least being speed, cost and of course accuracy.

Specialist agencies have effective workflows, quality-critical management processes and the leading-edge technologies that support every aspect of a professional legal translation service.

Artificial Intelligence combined with machine translation now helps law firms manage large volumes of multi-language documentation, quickly identifying case-relevant information.

How does this bring us back to the question of ensuring that a translation is accurate?

By identifying only that information that is critical to a litigation, the professional legal translator is no longer struggling to deliver large volumes of information within tight deadlines. With the inherent risk of error.

Time and resource is now freed up, allowing the translation team time to focus on the accuracy of the translation.

Cost is reduced and information can be made available within very demanding deadlines, regardless of its language of origin.

The perfect outcome for all!

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