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recruitment language testing

A well-known recruitment company is working with a UK Government department to provide a large number of temporary personnel across the UK, conversant in the key languages spoken in the area in which they will be working.

The recruitment company has the skills to find the right staff, but does not have the language expertise to test the applicants’ proficiency in the languages which they said they could speak.

Any attempt to check their language competence in-house is exacerbated by the sheer number of languages that are required across the whole of the UK.

The company has plenty of time to find the correct people, assuming that they were honest about their level of competency.

The job which their new staff will be asked to speak and interpret is relatively straightforward, along the lines of introducing themselves, enquiring whether a form had been completed and if not, helping the person to understand anything outstanding and to complete the form.

The Solution
In order to meet our client’s challenge, we offer language-proficiency-testing in any of the languages and dialects which they request. We conduct this either through remote language testing: an individual telephone conversation or video call in English and the chosen language, or face-to-face at a chosen location for group sessions.

The interviews are as informal or formal as required, and focus on the key phrases and the type of conversation in which the applicants are likely to engage.

Client Feedback
The client is delighted to have Prestige Network as a single partner for this project; one who is already a supplier under the CCS (Crown Commercial Service), and who can provide such a wide range of languages.

Find out more
We have experts available in over 200 languages, and can check language proficiency from very simple understanding to fluency in highly technical subjects – as you require.

Get in touch via if you have a need to test the language skills of your existing or prospective staff. We can offer delivery on demand, online, at a chosen location or by phone or video call.