Keep on running (in case of pandemic)

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For me, the Coronavirus is still something that happens to other people, and for the most part to no-one I know personally. So, it’s important news, but it’s not really affecting me directly at the moment.

Or that’s how it felt until this morning, as I listened to the radio reporting Austria’s threat to close its border with Italy to try to contain their current outbreak, and the Italian town which only has one food shop open. Followed by a friend saying that her firm only had a few days stock of machinery on hand, because the factories in China had been closed, and even though they were now reopening, they couldn’t get their raw materials shipped in fast enough.

Without doubt, it’s likely to affect all of us in one way or another pretty soon.

How can you safeguard your business?
• You may be starting to look for alternate sources of raw materials or finished goods from new overseas markets, or:
• Investigate new markets to enter in case your own market dries up, or:
• Consider new distribution channels such as Amazon or translating your website to attract foreign customers

Of course, you’re probably not the only one in your industry considering these possibilities and if you’re not quick enough, you could lose market share. You may have already discounted these possibilities on the grounds that you do not speak the languages to even start investigating them.

And that’s where Prestige Network come in.

With almost 30 years of providing language services to corporate and government organisations, we have more than just translation and interpreting skills. We are a key partner to a surprising range of household names, providing insights, anticipating their requirements and offering solutions.

How can we help you?
Translate large documents quickly and cost effectively to enable you to find opportunities
• Provide translation of tenders, legal documents and contracts, property leases, policies etc to help you enter new markets
Translate (or transcreate) your marketing materials and website. We even have connectors that can connect to your site to send multilanguage translated content to and from the site quickly, ready for publishing.
• Provide brand research for new markets
• Provide telephone interpreting which enables your global team to work from home and minimise the risk of sharing the virus.
• Should you or your staff require healthcare treatment, or still want to do business face-to-face while minimising contact, but do not have the necessary language skills, we can offer hand-held translators which can store your sensitive conversations securely in the cloud in case you wish to refer back to them.
• By providing face-to-face interpreters when you want them.
• With access to over 200 languages, there’s bound to be something we can help you with.

Of course, we’re all hoping this is a flash in the pan, but in case it turns out not to be, looking for new markets and suppliers could also prove to be a positive advantage to those who are prepared to look. Give us a call on 01635 866 888 or email us at to see what we can do to keep your organisation running.