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How we introduce the next generation to our world of work

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Prestige Network creates a welcoming and enjoyable work environment, while opening up opportunities for students like Saba to gain exposure and experience along the way.

Work experiences can be daunting, but we are our convinced that it is beneficial for the students and the company.

We also recruit and train apprentices, where we have recently received a certificate of commendation from WBTC in recognition for our efforts.

This is what Saba says about her work experience:

What type of work experience you are doing? I am working over the summer in the Interpreting Department, as well as helping out with some admin work.

How do you split your time between work experience and other school activities as well as the rest of your life? As I am working in the summer, balancing school activities and work is not an issue. But I try to dedicate my time outside of work (namely after work and at the weekends) to spending time with friends and family, and if I had any, completing any outstanding school assignments. I am lucky in that work does not interfere with any other aspect of my life, and once I leave the office, I have no extra work-related tasks to do.

What you have learnt during your work experience? I have developed my people-skills when speaking to clients over the telephone. The work experience has also increased my motivation and resilience, and given me a sense of purpose since I feel as though I am being productive. It has also helped me to become more independent, as I am often faced with difficult decisions that I need to make.

How much support you have received from Prestige Network and also anyone else from your school? The team at Prestige Network have been extremely supportive, guiding and supporting me with patience and understanding. I felt comfortable in asking any questions, and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. The staff at school were also very supportive, encouraging me to do work experience in the summer.

Would you recommend work experience at Prestige Network and why? I would definitely recommend work experience at Prestige Network, predominantly due to the welcoming and reassuring colleagues that made working there enjoyable and worthwhile. It is also helpful for any students wanting to get some work experience for their Personal Statement, which is one of the reasons I applied in the first place. Not only are the staff extremely pleasant, but the skills I developed when working in a busy and often demanding environment are truly useful, and will certainly stay with me.

Have you enjoyed it? I have enjoyed working here, mostly due to my friendly colleagues.

Have you finished your work experience, and if so what’s next for you? I have finished my work experience at Prestige Network for the summer. However, I am sure I will be back during time off school to work here again!

Work Experience at Prestige Network

At Prestige Network we are always open to new work experience opportunities and constantly looking for talented people to join our team.

To apply for work experience in our Head Office in Newbury, Berks, please contact us here.