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Translated Voice-Overs

If your organisation needs to translate spoken media that's been created for instructional films, CDs, or websites, we can help you make this information available in other languages.

This interpreting style, also known as dubbing, uses a voice-over artist to read from a script that has been translated into the required language.

Read on for further information about the process, or get in touch to find out more.


The Benefits of Choosing Prestige Network

With a wealth of experience and range of resource, we have the capability to have your scripts recorded in over 200 languages.

All you need to provide us are the script, the languages you require translating into, who your target audience is, what timescale we need to work to and what format your final product needs to presented in i.e. DVD, audio CD, or data CD.

Voice recordings can be created in a variety of formats from DVD to .wav and MP3 files, audio CD or data CD.

The Voice-Over Translation Process


1) Script Translation

You send us the script to be translated, and we assign a project manager to work with you.


2) Review & Assign

Your project manager reviews voice samples, selecting the appropriate voice for your needs.


3) Studio Time

A linguist is then chosen and studio time allocated for the recording to be completed.


4) Edit & Delivery

Once ready, we can either deliver the recording to you in its entirety or provide an editing service.

Quick FAQ

What file formats do you support for voice-over translation?

We can deliver voice recordings in a variety of formats from DVD to .wav and MP3 files, audio CD or data CD. To help you decide on the format of your final product, we will need to know about where and how you are going to use the material.

How many languages does the service cover?

We have the resource to be able to offer you to have your scripts recorded in over 200 languages. We can provide the voice recording service in any language you need, even non-mainstream ones such as local dialects.

We also ensure that the linguist’s voice, diction and tone is suitable for the activity, allowing you peace of mind, whatever the language into which you're translating.

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